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Los Angeles Chapter & News Section

IMG_0958.JPGThe Los Angeles-Orange County Chapter of ALMA focuses on establishing a network of all Lebanese medical professionals in the Greater Los Angeles Area, including Orange County, the San Gabriel and San Fernando Valleys, and the Inland Empire.

In the Los Angeles Chapter of ALMA we strive to implement events that benefit the medical and greater community both here in LA and in Lebanon. We work to maintain and accomplish the stated goals of the ALMA mission statement, while completing many objectives with CME credit. The Chapter holds meetings regularly in Southern California,and works to maintain excellent ties with other Lebanese dignitaries and associations, such as the Lebanese Ladies Society, the American Lebanese Foundation, and local Lebanese and Arab media outlets.

In Los Angeles, as in all chapters of ALMA, philanthropic works focusing on multiple regions within Lebanon, are a driving force of the agenda. Most recently, the LA Chapter held a very successful fund raising project, with about 300 people in attendance, allowing us to send over 100 wheelchairs to various regions throughout Lebanon.

Through various events and projects, and the hard work and dedication of our executive board members, the Los Angeles Chapter of ALMA has established itself as the largest chapter within the ALMA organization.

LA Chapter President: Doctor Rosana Ayoub Zayek ... Read More

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